The Camp Today


The camp today, although still recognisable, has changed first there is only one entrance to the site and the "Srebrny Domek" the silver painted barrack that stood by gate no.1 has been demolished like many of the nissen huts and barracks that were close to the entrance. The surviving buildings, now supporting small business, have been altered and repainted like the "Ewidencia" which is painted white and some extra structures built on. Part of the covered walkway has been demolished to make room for a road which goes around the camp and past the playing field. The communal toilet and bath blocks have gone and there are some areas so over grown that it is difficult to reach them. Nevertheless whenever possible, ex residents, especially those that were born and grew up in the camp still visit Northwick Park I suppose with some nostalgia. 


Gate on.1 is the only entrance now left  to the camp.

Brow of the main road leading to the centre.

The centre of the camp looking from the "Ewidencija"


The "Ewidencija " as it was, with the garden ornament in the middle of the roundabout.  today a porter cabin stands in the front.

Arial view of the  centre of the camp much changed but still recognisable. The white barrack was the "Ewidencija"to the top left the administration barrack, left bottom was the shop. Photo by Rysiek Sozański.


The  ornament now standing in a different part of the camp


Some nissen huts are abandoned and sad, others have been converted into some  business  premises.

Deluxe  nissen hut with porch.


Left: No. 43  was my nissen hut, my home for 15 years. Today painted blue, with an enlarged door, minus a window and no sign of the flower  garden, still there is this affinity I feel about "my nissen hut". Right: side view  of the hut  with the old school building in the background


The covered walkway, today overgrown with weeds and brambles.

Part of the walkway demolished, overgrown and looking very sad.


Last barrack by gate 3.


A nissan hut once a home now Bill Bird's  hand crafted specialised shoe business.


Northwick Mansion and the Park


Aerial view of Northwick Park House. The walled gardens, green houses and orchard replaced with luxury houses.

The old cedar tree over lower water has hardly changed. The lake is overgrown but the stepping stones and the island are still there.

The fountain minus its top bit but it is working.


View of upper water now and then.

The ice house boarded up inside and fenced in for safety.

Water fall still in use.




Northwick Park