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Anna Przyszlak


My parents Jan and Apolonia Przyszlak were deported  to Siberia in 1941 and eventually came to England via Tanganika. They settled in East Moor camp in Yorkshire where I was born in 1952.We lived on site 8 of the camp for a number of years. When I was about 3 I was sent to the camp's nursery school and I was delighted to see my name on the nursery register. I then attended the camp school until we left the camp, I was eight. My father worked as caretaker at the school.


I remember a number of families, mainly the children that lived on site 8. Józia, Kazik and Helcia Pipro, their grandparents Mr.and Mrs Mazur  are buried  in Sutton on Forest   cemetery. There was Stefania, Walentyna, Celina and Łucja Szadura,  Mrs Helena Malec nee Wilczek came to East Moor from Lowther Park Camp in 1955/6  with four children each born in a different country, Basia in Poland, Terenia in Austria, Henio in Italy and Mila in England. It is amazing how families survived and stayed together throughout the traumas of war, deportations and exile.

Other names I remember are;-Fec, Hajduk, Maliszewska, Przybylska, Krysia and Teresa Wełna, Roma and Krzysiek Kwiatkowski, Teresa Dubicka, Anna and Mietek Ciacia.


I have attached some photos of life in the camp they contain people I know and some who I would love to get to know.


My christening: My father, Jan Przyszlak, Ksiadz Zabłudowski, My Godmother Lusia Balewicz, My Godfather Wacław Nowak who lived in Doddington camp

My mother was sent to work and I was placed in the nursery. That’s me in the cot. I would love to know who the other child is, and who the three ladies are

I‘m not sure what the occasion is, as it’s a group of children not in polish national costume!  This was our church, Mrs. Dzięcioł and Mrs. Ciacia in the doorway, and children from right to left Danuta i Czesiek Buła, Janek or Maciek Chrzanowski, Lutek Ochnik, the next three I don’t know……?Hajduk, Mietek Ciacia, next two I don’t know, me Anna Przyszlak, Kazik Pióro, Anna Rajchel, Józia Pióro, Tadek Uryn, Janina Ochnik, Kazik Fac. The others I don’t know

Left;_Side altar

Me and Kazik Pióro kneeling in the Lady Chapel!


Right:-Side Altar(May)

My godmother Lucia Balewicz, me and my mother The other faces I know so well but don’t know the names. This photo must be from May. The initials on the alter front stand for "Najświędsza Maryja"  Holy Mary and were done with fresh flowers. carnations  or roses. In the background you can see the curve of the ‘beczka’ Nissen hut.  Isn’t it amazing that all the photos are so similar? We all must have stuck to the traditions so well!


First holy communion I’m guessing it’s 1959 if we were 7

Tadeusz Uryn, Kazik Pióro,Zbyszek Holeksa,Terenia Maliszewska,Danuta Bula, Czesier Bula, Anna Przyszlak, Bogdan? Krystyna Wełna, Mila Malec, Walentyna Szadura, Teresa Protasiewicz, Lutek Ochnik, Kazik Fac with Ksiadz Zabłudowski Three of the boys on the right I can’t remember the names of, but friends might.

Same children, some of the adults: Pan Bula, Helena Malec, Pani Kopczak, Pani Holeksa



Janina Ochnik, Renia….? Kazik Fac Anna Przyszlak , Teresa Dubicka, Elżbieta Fac, The Maliszewski sisters Pani Maliszewska is on the right, Pani Dubicka the next adult from the right The lady in the white hat must be the same Pani Skotna I spotted on the previous page.


In the 50s Ks. Infułat Bronisław Michalski from the Polish Catholic Mission in London visited most of the Polish Camps in the UK.

The children:  Renia …..? Elżbieta Fac,  Mietek Ciacia, The two Maliszewski sisters, Anna Przyszlak Adults Pani Fac, Pani Maliszewska, Pola Przyszlak One of the girls at the back is Józia Pióro

Stefania Szadura, Anna Przyszlak, Ks. Infułat Bronisław Michalski and Ksiądz Bolesław Zabłudowski  person on the right unknown


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