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This book documents the experience of living in Polish resettlement camps in England and Wales after WW2. It is a photographic record of events in the camps brought to life in personal stories by past residents. In 75,000 words and 700 images the book covers thirty camps and six Polish boarding schools.


Second and third generation descendants researching their past, find little or no information about how or why their parents or grandparents came here, how they lived and integrated in the British community. Similarly, English communities are increasingly aware that military camps in their neighbourhood emptied after WW2 then filled with displaced persons. They find few records about who these people were, where they came from or their personal and social lives. This book recreates the spirit of that period and fills a historical void. Available ONLY in the UK


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30 page booklet with over 40 photographs  dedicated  to Blackshaw Moor Polish camp in the Staffordshire Mooreland


34 page booklet with over 60 photographs dedicated to Northwick Park Polish camp Gloucestershire



30 page booklet with over 40 photographs dedicated to

Doddington park camp




 Lists of  known Polish Civilian Family camps 1947-1969


 With information and photos


Northwick Park   Gloucestershire N.A.B. Polish Families camp 1947 to 1970.

Blockley CEMETERY  New book about Northwick camp  

 List of residents  from the 1960s

 Keevil  also known as Steeple Ashton camp nr Trowbridge Wiltshire

N.A.B Family Camp 1949--1957/8

Ashby Folville  Leicestershire closed 1956/58.  Marsworth  near Dunstable 1949 Tring Herts. A large NAB  Families Camp closed 1960/61   A list of resident from 1952
Babdown  Gloucestershire  part N.S.H.C. hostel for single persons and N.A.B. Family Camp 1948 to 1959

Long Marston Warwickshire MOD Central Engineers stores and  camp for Polish demobilised  soldiers who worked and many lived  there. 1948 to 1968. New upload 

Blackshaw Moor  StaffordshireN.S.H.C.  Families camp 1947 to 1961 Ludford Magna Lincolnshire  RAF camp 1940 to 1945 Major Polish transit camp for up to 700 refugees until around 1948/9  about 40 families remaining beyond 1955/56
Burton on the Wolds Leicestershire 1948- 1959 Market Harborough   also known as (Lubbenham) Leicestershire
Checkendon  Berkshire Polish hostel l948 to 1961 Melton Mowbray  Leicestershire N.A.B. Families 1947 to 1961/62

Daglingworth Camp   Gloucestershire N.A.B Polish Families camp,

CEMETERIE  Cirencester cemetery with 6 Polish forces war graves

Morpeth Common Northumberland Family camp 1947-1962

CEMETERY  SS Mary and James churchyard with Polish war graves

Doddington Camp nr. Crewe. Cheshire   2nd largest  NAB Families camp 1960/61

CEMETERY  Wybunbury and  Crewe

Penley Polish  Hospital no3 North Wales. Iscoyd Park North Wales 1947-1956 Polish Military Hospital no 4.

CEMETERIES:-  Penley  + Polish forces war graves in  Chester   Wrexham,       Whitchurch  

Delamere Park. Northwich  Cheshire P.R. C. Polish Family Camp1949-1963 Podington  Bedfordshire 1948- 1956 In the early 50s there were 300 Poles (squatting in camp) in the camp.

Damfield Lane / Maghull    Liverpool family camp 1947 /Mid 1950s 


Penrhos North Wales. RAF aerodrome. PKPR. (Polish demobilisation Corps) Today a Polish retirement home run by Polish Housing Society Ltd.  Under construction

East Moor   Yorkshire NAB  Polish dependants camp1948/9 to 1959

CEMETERY Sutton on the Forest cemetery

Petworth camp West Sussex a former PRC Camp.  From 1949 to 1955 a family camp. which   

Foxley Herefordshire closed 1955

Springhill Lodges  Camp Gloucestershire  1947 to 1958

CEMETERY   Chipping Campden

Fairford  N.A.B. Gloucestershire was the largest Polish Families camp. Had to be closed on termination of lease by 1959  CEMETERY Fairford Seighford Staffordshire N.A.B. Polish family Camp
Grove Park Iver   Buckinghamshire. Polish soldiers  billeted to the camp arrived there in 1946 with their  families. Community run until 1957.  New upload page 2 and 3 Stowell Park School e Gloucestershire  60 New Photos
Husbands Bosworth Leicestershire Families   

School in Scotland  Marie Curie-Skłodowska  Polish school for girls  1941

Hiltingbury  Southampton Polish Second Corps' dependents' hostel In 1947 there were 843 people living in the camp.  Diddington Park School  Huntingdonshire    
Hodgemoor nr Amersham Buckinghamshire 1947 - 1959    Lilford School Northamptonshire 
Haydon Park  Somerset Was for a while the Josef Conrad secondary Polish school also home to DP families closed 1955/6

Tilstock   Higher Heath Shropshire Polish army families camp 1947 until late 1950s

CEMETERY in Preet Churchyard

Ilford Park nr. Stover Devon Families up to the 60s today newly built retirement home and hospice Tweesdmuir Surrey
Kelvedon Essex Family camp1949-1958/59

Wheaton Aston  Staffordshire 1965/66 

  List of residents  from 1953


 Lists of  other known Polish Civilian Family camps with little or no information


 Listed below are some of the camps that were occupied for a number of  years by Polish families.  Many others were deemed, to be unviable to house families and efforts were made by authorities to closed them as soon as possible


If any of the camps were home to you or your family and and you would like to add your memories, stories and photos please get in touch with me.  zosia@northwickparkpolishdpcamp.co.uk 

Bower Wood Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire. Families  1955/56 Lowther Park Penrith NAB.  Polish Dependants Camp1 948 In 1949 there were 116 men 106 women and 74 children The camp closed in 1955 /6
Burlish Crossing Kidderminster  An ex American WW2 camp/hospital after the  war it become a Polish Resettlement Camp. In 1949 there were 100  Polish families in residence and the  local authority took over the administration of the camp. Lulsgate Bottom Ex RAF Camp nr. Bristol in1953 there were 26 Polish families living there. To day is the site of Bristol Air Port
Breighton Airfield  North Yorkshire In 1949 there were 35 Polish families living there. Mepal  Cambridgeshire 1948-1958 Families. Run by the NAB
Carr Lane Hull NAB Nettlebed Berkshire  NAB 1947 to 1955 merged with Checkendon
Coombe Park Henley  Records from 1953 show that there were 28 Polish Families living on the site which was accepted by the Ministry of Works Penrhos North Wales. RAF aerodrome. PKPR. (Polish demobilisation Corps) Today a Polish retirement home run by Polish Housing Society Ltd. 
EttingtonPark Stratford on Avon 38 families living on site in 1953 Perton Hostel  Wolverhampton RAF Perton was a small training establishment with the potential of housing many families. In was a mixed Anglo Polish Hostel
Elsham Wolds Lincolnshire RAF Camp run by the war office. Records from 1953 show that there were 40 Polish Families living on the site which was accepted by the Local Authorities. St.Mawgan Airfield Cornwall N.A.B. Polish dependants hostel. In 1949 there were 103 men, 71 women and 62 Juveniles and children living on the site.
Five Oaks, Horsham Records show there were 83 Families still living there in 1953. Southrop Gloucestershire 1947-1950  RAF Southrop was a Royal Air Force station west of the village of Southrop, Gloucestershire during World War II from August 1940 to November 1947 Between 1947 and 1950 It housed Polish families.
Hazlemere High Wycombe 1948 P.In 1951 with arrival of 70 Polish families  the camp it lost it's military  character becoming a hostel for civilians. Records from 1953 show that there were 94 Polish Families living on the site which was accepted by the Local Authorities. It closed  in 1955/6 Sturgate Airfield Lincoln  Polish dependent Hostel.  In 1949 there were a 103 men, 71 women, 61 juveniles and children living in the empty airfield buildings. The NAB rejected the camp as a viable Polish  housing estate dew to lack of employment.
Great Missenden Woodlands Park camp military and families 1956 Strood Park Horsham  33 families living there in 1953 Run by Local Authorities.
Hallburn Hostel LongtownCumberland1947---1953/4  in 1952 there were 32 Polish families Weeting Hall Brandon Norfolk 1949 to  1955  47 families in 1953Families.
Hardwick Hall  Chesterfield  1947 1955 Records show 45 families living the in 1953 Weston on Trent 1953 records show 31 families
Howberry Park Berks. Wynnstay Wrexham  In 1953 here 37 families still living on the site. By 1956 the Council re-housed the residents of the camp absorbing them in to the community.
Kelstern   Airfield Lincoln  Polish dependent Hostel. In 1949 there were 81 men, 124 women and 87 Juveniles and children living in the Hostel. The NAB rejected the camp as a viable Polish  housing estate dew to lack of employment.  


Life in a typical Polish DP Camp Northwick Park


List and Information on other family



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Polish Boarding Schools

Ships' Names and passenger lists

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List of Polish Resettlement Corps Camps






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